Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Celebrities Behaving Badly

E! is reporting that Edward Furlong is in the shitter again.

Furlong, you may remember, starred in such classics as Terminator 2: Judgement Day, American History X and the The Crow: Wicked Prayer, a film of such prestige that it got David Boreanaz to agree to wear this

This may come as a shock to many who remember Furlong for his squeaky clean public image

The actor, having just done time last month for battery, is looking at another criminally long and unjust L.A. sentence of SIX MONTHS in the slammer for violating probation from a 2010 case.

The kicker for all this: according to his lawyer, all he had to do to avoid it all was go to rehab.

Come on dude, you went from T2 to a DVD cover with Tara Reid and Angel

Could rehab, after all, really be all that bad?

You're right, tough call dude.

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