Monday, September 19, 2011

The Celebrity Connection:Guillaume Canet

If the name doesn`t instantly ring a bell that isn`t surprising. I didn`t know who Canet was before last night when I watched the Kiera Knightley and Sam Worthington marital infidelity flick Last Night. The movie was good if not quite as profound as it had hoped to be but Knightley especially brings a lot of character and depth to her performance. It`s one of those walk but don`t run kind of movies whose deliberate pacing and lack of big melodrama made sure that it didn`t really connect with North American audiences.

Regardless, watching it, I couldn`t help but notice Canet (who you may know from Joyeux Noel, The Beach, Tell No One or Love Me If You Dare) who looked strangely familiar:

Could Guillaume Canet really be Patrick Dempsey in disguse. You decide.


  1. They do look alike, don't they

    Canet's thriller Tell no one (2006) is indeed very good, and has more of a Hollywood pacing.

    The other day I was very impressed by the WW2 drama Sarah's Key (2010) with Kristin Scott Thomas , likewise it's fast-paced.

  2. Movies - I covered the script for Sarah's Key half a year ago and found it quite good but apperently that film hasn't found much of an audience either. I assume that's due to subtitles?

  3. Given the choice, american audiences will no doubt prefer not having to read subtitles.

    Although occasionally word-of-mouth does the job- that marcial arts foreign film crouching tiger hidden dragon made 100 mill in the states I remember , but that was the effects people wanted to see I guess, and the oscars helped it to big buisness.