Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Book According to Lemmy

Here are some of the things, in no particular order, I love about Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister (as per Greg Olliver & Wes Orshoski's wonderful documentary Lemmy)
  • Lemmy is "famous not wealthy."
  • Lemmy's favourite drink is Jack & Coke.
  • You'll often find Lemmy haunting the slot machine in the corner at his favourite local L.A. bar.
  • This joke: Q: How do you make a dead baby float? A: Two scoops of ice cream and two scoops of dead baby.
  • Lemmy remembers a time before rock n roll.
  • Lemmy isn't influenced by any modern musicians or bands.
  • Lemmy is still alive.
  • Lemmy discovered that you need not be bothered with the down time between hits of LSD by just doubling the dose.
  • Again, Lemmy is still alive.
  • While other rock stars are out partying and blowing their income, Lemmy is probably somewhere writing a new Motorhead album.
  • When asked about drug use, Lemmy does not want to answer in detail because he doesn't want kids to mistake him as saying it is okay to live his lifestyle.
  • He isn't saying it isn't okay to live his lifestyle, either.
  • Lemmy has a house full of WW I and II stuff that would turn many a museum director into a quivering mess.
  • In spite of the above point, Lemmy has these things because he likes them. Never is there any indication that he cares about their wealth outside of their natural historical value. When he's dead, all the junk in his house, he muses, will be someone else's problem. No point, I suspect, in giving a fuck about much after you're dead.
  • Lemmy doesn't seem to give much of a fuck about anything other than being Lemmy.
  • The quote from a friend that if the entire population of the world were to be wiped out, the only things left on this planet would be cockroaches and Lemmy.
  • When asked about the rumor that he has bed over 2,000 women, Lemmy is modest and wants to set the record straight: In reality it is probably closer to 1,000.
  • One of those women was his son's girlfriend. One time they swapped.
  • Lemmy is funny and realistic about what his name means to his son's mother; who he admits was just "casual sex."
  • Once Lemmy, despite not being asked, wrote a letter to a female's husband letting him know that there was nothing between him and his wife.
  • Like his music or not, Lemmy is one of the few people that you can legitimately call a Rock God
  • Lemmy has a house full of everything anyone has given him over the years.
  • Lemmy is, I think, the real Chuck Norris.
  • The stories that Lemmy is willing to tell the camera are just as good if not better than the myths and legends that have built up about him over the years.
  • Lemmy is, in spite of all of this, just a man.
Now go and see the documentary which is. It's an excellent look, in mostly cinema verite style, at the current life of one of rock/metal/punk's greatest living legends.

It is funny, insightful, in depth and leaves you feeling refreshed by it's subject. We could all learn a thing or two about living and life from Lemmy

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