Monday, March 15, 2010

One Minute Review: Year One

So if you don't know, I only tend to review movies that I see in the theater. It's mainly because the theater is the most ideal setting to engage with a film and when I go to the theater I am seeing (for the most part) a film I want to see. At home I'm more often than not just seeing one to add to my mental library, or database, or filing cabinet, whatever metaphor works best for you. So, since I'm strapped for time this month, I've decided to do these one minute reviews, which try to sum up a movie to the best of my abilities with the fewest words possible. Let's see how it goes. Rumour has it that, when Harold Ramis co-hosted At the Movies a few years ago when it was still Ebert & Roeper, as a fill in for Roger Ebert, he turned to Richard Roeper after taping was complete and said, "You call this work?" You could ask Ramis the same thing after seeing Year One, a stupid, lazy comedy from the man who made Groundhog Day. It feels like an uninspired Saturday Night Live skit that has been painfully blown up to feature length. Not to mention, as Biblical epic spoofs go, nothing in it is nearly half as funny as this:

Or this:


  1. Never caught Year One - mainly due to the negative reviews but I am generally a fan of Cera (big Arrested Development fan and overall, his sameyness is something I don't mind but can understand other peoples frustrations - Jesse Eisenberg is in a similar boat), Black (particularly in School of Rock, Margot at the Wedding and High Fidelity) and Ramis (Groundhog Day and Ghostbusters are both films ive seen too many times to think about).

    It's on my rental queue but yes, it's more out of curiousity than anything.

  2. Mel Brooks is f-ing genius!

    And one of my favorite Monty Python quotes to say randomly in conversation:

    "We are the knights who say 'ni!'" or "We want..... A SHRUBBERY!!!! "

    hahaha. Good review!