Wednesday, June 16, 2010

One Minute Review- I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell

At the beginning of I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell there is a disclaimer informing that this film is based on a true story...and then adds, "Unfortunately." It's hard to say if the film is trying to be ironic or if it actually knows just what a pathetic display of human waste it is about to wallow in, but I'm thinking it's leaning towards the former. Not least because the film was written by inexplicable Internet sensation Tucker Max who wrote the book that it is based on, which chronicled his own shallow exploits into sex, booze, feces, what have you. On an artistic level the film's first problem is that it doesn't know who it wants to be about. It can't be about Max himself because he's essentially a walking human tragedy in clown's clothing. So it gives him two friends, one who thinks he is being taken to his own bachelor party weekend but is actually being dragged along so Max can hopefully add to his collection of deformed sex experiments. He's had a deaf girl under his belt, now he wants a midget. The other guy is too smart for his own good, would rather play Xbox than breathe, talks in a sickening, condescending way that no one but he could ever mistake as clever and hates women. His best line at the bar is to tell a girl that if she doesn't get away from him he will gut her. That he hooks up with a stripper who disgusts him but matches his insults is, I guess, what passes for sweetness in Max's world. Until this point the film is just a stupid, shallow unfunny comedy about some uniformly unlikable guys trying to live an Animal House fantasy life. Then the film slips into complete degradation as Tucker and a girl he picked up at a bar have a serious case of the poo-poos after his beer is spiked. I won't describe what follows other than to say that when I woke up today I was prepared to see any number of different things. I man spilling his liquid excrement atop a hotel lobby floor was not one of then. Tucker Max, I suspect, is the kind of guy who gets off simply by having a medium for him to write about himself, which is his only subject. At the top of his website he introduces himself as an a**hole and I don't doubt for one second that he is. However, as played by Matt Czuchry he's nothing short of a despicable slimeball who no self-respecting woman would ever be caught dead with.


  1. Gee whiz, this sounds absolutely awful! And not even in the so-bad-it's-good way! I'm sorry you subjected yourself to such a disgusting thing. I've never been to Tucker Max's website but now I can intentionally boycott it in protest.

  2. Tucker Max and his legion of followers are a blight on the rest of humanity. This sad man spends his time fabricating stories and passing them off as truth in the hopes that someone might like him. The lowest form of humor meets the lowest form of man.