Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The King Spoke and He Said: The Oscars Kind of Sucked This Year

  • 2010 will be remembered as the year that nothing worth remembering happened at the Oscars.
  • Anne Hathaway could very well be a great Oscar host with lots of life and energy (if she'd give up the oh my gosh I'm hosting the Oscars references), but what was with James Franco? He looked like that if he didn't go backstage and start cooking up a shot he was going to go into withdrawl.
  • I think the Academy found their host next year in Kirk Douglas.
  • It's sad that the most talked about thing this year was Melissa Leo dropping the F-bomb.
  • There was a moment when Wally Pfister was accepting his award when he thanked Christopher Nolan for being his master and Nolan half smiled as if to say, "Yeah thanks, even though it should be me up there."
  • Apparently Ophrah talking about the human condition did nothing for Joel Cohen who decided he'd rather pick his ear than listen.
  • Randy Newman has been nominated for Best Song 20 times and won twice which is kind of ironic because he essentially made a career out of writing the same song over and over again (to be fair, his songs were one of the things that kept the Princess and the Frog from being great). Out of four nominees, only the 127 Hours song had any personality at all. However, in his attempt to be "good TV" Newman did give one of the funniest and lightest speeches.
  • Tom Hooper managed to make thanking his mom actually sound sweet and meaningful.
  • I have no idea who this kid who won best short feature is, but he's certainly going places.
  • Susanne Bier won an Oscar. This makes me happy. She doesn't get enough credit for what she does.
  • You can tell Aaron Sorkin is a great writer. He gave the most literate and confident speech. He reminds me a bit of David Mamet.
  • I desperately wanted the Social Network to win more awards just so that there could be more hilarious cutaway shots of David Fincher looking completely unimpressed as people thanked him.
  • Was it just me or were Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis really awkward to watch?
  • The opening montage was so uninspired that I thought for a second I was watching Saturday Night Live
  • The opening monologue wasn't much better. Where is Carrie Fischer when you need her?
  • Billy Crystal managed to revive the show a little and a video was played of Bob Hope doing one of my favourite Oscar lines "Or as it's called at my house: passover," but this was awkwardly melded into a way to introduce Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law
  • Speaking of: if there has to be 2 hosts, these 2 get my vote for next year.
  • Since when have the honorary Oscar recipients ever been brought on stage and not allowed to make a speech?
  • How did David O. Russell and Christian Bale work together without anyone getting hurt?
  • I got 2 wrong this year and 3 wrong last year. I'm getting better


  1. Would it be too pedantic for me to point out that you got two wrong out of 10, not two wrong out of 24? ;-)

    Yes, probably.

  2. It's pretty sad when the most entertaining part of the night was an autotune montage.

  3. "Kind of sucked"? You, sir, are far too kind. Much as I loathe this expression, I'm tempted to say the Oscars sucked a**. Firth won Best Actor, which was good, but I almost feel like he and Jeff Bridges should trade, because Firth was better in "A Single Man" than "The King's Speech." But he was owed an Oscar, and so was Melissa Leo for "Frozen River."