Sunday, October 16, 2011

TIFF 2011

Say what you will about Twilight and I don't know if Ashley Greene really has any talent outside of that franchise but she sure is stunning.
Alicia Silverstone is apparently still around. She didn't really stop or anything nor did she look very good. I guess being out of the spotlight for a long time will do that to you.

Ben Foster is very good at playing bad guys and seedy people and, seeing him at the Rampart premiere, I can't decide if he's a good actor or is just that way in real life. He showed up, chewing on a douchebag tooth pick, wouldn't sign anything and I can't be sure but I think when someone yelled for him to stop and sign I saw him turn around and mouth "no" at them.
If you look closely and to the left you will see Angelina Jolie waving to the crowd. Everyone was ecstatic when she showed up to the Moneyball premiere.
Ashley Greene signing my girlfriend's copy of Twilight. Do I really need to justify putting up two pictures of her?
Angelina and Brad from behind. There were so many people there that this was the best I could do.
Brad Pitt arrives and then goes to the car ahead of him to get Angelina out.
Chase Crawford. He is in Gossip Girl which I don't watch and he was in the Haunting of Molly Hartly which was horrible. That's about all I know of him.
When Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell showed up to the premiere of Moneyball for a minute, before he turned around, I thought it was Christian Bale.
Canadian director David Cronenberg didn't stop to sign anything. Directors can be weird like that. I guess they figure everyone is there for the stars anyway.
Some kid I don't know. Looks like he's in something on the Disney channel. If anyone knows who he is please share it in the comments.
Evan Rachel Wood looking awesome if you ask me.

George Clooney has a reputation for being very generous to his fans on the red carpet and he proved it again at the Ides of March premiere. He made his car let him out at the very end of the carpet and worked his way through everyone. When he accidentally signed the front of my friend's autograph book she made him sign it inside too and he did.
Gerrard Butler, behind the Elgin Theatre, still the worst and most disorganized location of TIFF.

Gerrard Butler at Roy Thompson Hall as well.
Jeffery Wright's expression as I handed him a copy of Basquiat to sign. He looked at it and said "wow, is that really me?"
Jennifer Garden was so nice and so pretty and signed for so many people. She was truly a class act.
Jessica Chastain. To be quite honest, as you can see in this picture, she looked like a real bitch.
Director Joel Schumacher was the first person to arrive for the Trespass premier. He is just a nice, funny, gay old man. It was raining and he was apologizing for the horrible weather as he was signing for people.
Jonah Hill newly skinny and looking to be having a great time.

This is the kid who played Eddie Murphy's daughter in Imagine That. She was cute and classy.
Kiera Knightly. I need not say more.
Kyle MacLachlan is one of those actors who, when they show up on screen you assume something good is going to happen. He stopped to sign my copy of Blue Velvet.
Madeline Carroll. She was in Flipped and Swing Vote.

 Director Marc Forster was reluctant to come over but some chanting finally led to his approaching the crowd for some autographs. 
It's a tough call but I don't think anyone looked better on the red carpet than Marisa Tomei. I'd read that she is pretty tough to get an autograph from but she didn't seem to mind stopping for people in Toronto.

Max (son of Anthony) Mingella and Kate (sister of Roony) Mara. I wanted his autograph on my copy of Art School Confidential but honestly didn't even recognize him. Oh well.
 Olivia Wilde at the Butter premiere.
 I don't care what anyone says about Nicholas Cage, he is easily one of my favourite actors and he was so charming and generous on the red carpet.
Michael Shannon plays a lot of creepy dudes. I guess he is just naturally good at it. It didn't stop him though from coming over to the fans. You can tell he's not a hardened star yet because, when you look at his signature, you can actually tell what it says.
Me and Sarah Polley at the Take This Waltz premiere. She was so nice to everyone. A true class act. I hope the movie does well.
 Paul Giamatti more or less being Paul Giamatti. He signed my copy of Sideways.
 Ryan Gosling arrives and causes near pandemonium. You could hear the chants of RYAN for blocks away.

Ralph Finnes emerging from behind the Elgin Theatre looking like he wished he could part the crowd with his dark magic.
In this picture you see Sarah Silverman's reaction to my friend who has just handed her a pen with the lid still on it: "Jesus Christ, do I have to do everything."
 Seth Rogen was very charming and sharp looking. That is publicist telling him that my copy of Zack and Miri Make a Porno was the last one he could sign.
Viggo Mortsenson came, signed as much as he could, went inside and then came back out to sign even more once the movie had started. You have to respect that.
Woody Harrelson showed up stoned out of his mind. I expected no less. Even though he missed my copy of Natural Born Killers I still love him.
Emily Blint stopping for a couple of pictures and signatures.


  1. 1) I love whenever I get yet more evidence that George Clooney is awesome.

    2) HOW in the HELL did you produce the appropriate movie in a timely fashion for the star in question to sign?

    3) How many movies did you have with you?

    4) Did you know which movies to bring based on which stars you expected to see, or did you just bring your whole collection and have a huge amount of faith in your ability to find a relevant movie for the person to sign within a space of about 30 seconds?

    5) Nice coverage. Don't rule out that career as a paparazzo.

    6) I still hate Art School Confidential.

    7) That is all.

  2. Vance - It's not easy. I take out all of the slips from the cases beforehand and but them all on a clipboard. Then, once people start showing up, take them off the clipboard, see who gets out of the car and put just that one on the clipboatd. As for watch to bring. I always plan this out beforehand. It's a matter of checking out who the main stars are of a movie beforehand and grab whatever it is you hope they will sign. I personally try to take more obscure things as (like Jeffry Wright) you can get a rise out of them when they see it. Last year a friend of mine had a story where Harvey Kitel grabbed a copy of From Dusk Till Dawn, looked at it, looked back at him and was like "I was in this?" As for how many, it could be from 5-10 for a whole day (Roy Thompson Hall galas start at 6:30 and 9:30.

  3. These are some fantastic pictures Mike, dare I say even better than the great ones you took last year. Awesome job man.