Wednesday, January 25, 2012

One Minute Review - Take Me Home Tonight

There's a scene in Michael Dowse's Take Me Home Tonight that, for the couple minutes it lasts, is so unstoppably funny that it had to have either been improvised or rewritten by the scene's star Demetri Martin. I say that because Take Me Home Tonight is so sloppily written, so lazy, even in it's desire to be nothing but conventional and so otherwise unfunny that I can't, in any sort of good faith, believe that this scene was written by the same people who wrote every other scene in the movie.

I won't describe it to you, other than to say that the film takes place in the 80s. Topher Grace of That 70's Show is out of college and has no prospects. The summer is coming to an end and he's invited to a party where he's trying to pick up his former high school crush who's banking job sounds a lot more impressive than his video store cashier profession. Grace meets Martin at the party. He's in a wheel chair, wasn't impressed by Grace in high school, is even less impressed by him now and doesn't even consider not letting him know it.

There, I've saved you an hour and a half. Google Demitri Martin and Take Me Home Tonight and try to find the scene on Youtube. Martin's final line in the scene, from off screen as he's rolling away is a real howler. It deserves better.

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