Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another List Announcement

Six days and the mystery list will be upon us. I've read a few of the entries and let me tell you ladies and gentlemen, they are good. I think I can also safely tell you that it'll be big (at one entry a day it will more than likely consume this site for the better part of a month). Although I'm still keeping the topic under lock and key I can bait your appetite a little more by telling you what films could have been on the list but wern't because, well, if we let every film on the list it could probably go on forever (or at least two months). So, can you make a connection between these films and guess what the list is about or are you scratching your head even more now and waiting with baited breath to know just what the heck this thing is about? Last House on the Left The Birds Breathless Clerks Dawn of the Dead The Exorcist Fargo The Fugitive Citizen Kane Persona M*A*S*H Dances with Wolves Last Tango in Paris Magnolia Men in Black Dirty Harry Psycho Yojimbo Rosemary's Baby Harold and Maude The Breakfast Club Silence of the Lambs The Sixth Sense Who Framed Roger Rabbit Speed Suspiria There's Something About Mary Titanic Vertigo The Notebook The Wild Bunch Alright, put your thinking caps on.


  1. I just finished my initial research for my contribution.
    Very excited about this.


  2. I've got it! They are all movies!

    (I'm really stumped. Can't wait to see what this is.)

  3. Wellll, it can't be FIRST movie I ever saw (nobody's that lucky consistently)...no consistent genre, year or decade released....could be Favorite....might be "If you had a wish that this movie was the all-time $$-maker, what would it be?"...and on the back-hand side, it COULD be "The most overrated movie ever"...could be "pick your favorite director, what's their best film?"

    No Kubrick, no Hawks, no Ford, no Keaton, or Chaplin...

    And these were LEFT off the list?

    Hmmm. Back to square one.