Monday, April 26, 2010

A List Announcement

So if you read this space regularly you probably know that I'm compiling a list. The nature of the list and what it is counting down is a secret that will be revealed with the first entry. I can tell you this though: the first entry into the list will be posted in exactly one week, next Monday May 2, 2010. I can also tell you that one film will be revealed per day until the number one position is revealed. I can also tell you, as I have before, that this is a collaborative effort. Each entry will be accompanied with an explanation from a reputable blogger, each of whom will also be contributing to the voting process to decide what order the films in question should appear on the list. So even if you don't agree with what number a film is presented at, well, it's not just my opinion, it's the pooled opinion of the contributors so ya know, take that. Anyway, in order to get you excited I will reveal the list of people who will be contributing/voting in no particular order: Ricky @ Tartan Review Sebastian @ Detailed Criticisms Hal @ Forget the Popcorn M. Carter @ M. Carter @ The Movies ( Simon @ Four of Them Olive @ Movie News First Gringo @ He Shot Cryus Marc @ Go See Talk Wynter @ Cinema Scream Travis @ The Movie Encyclopedia Darren @ The MOvie Blog Caroline @ Let's Go to the Movies Chris @ Celluloid Moon Andrew @ Andrew at the Cinema Larry @ The Movie Snob Aiden @ Cut the Crap Movie Reviews Ditty @ Elizabethan Theatre Andy @ Fandango Groovers Ruth @ Flixchatter So there you go. Pass the week by checking out their blogs because they are all good ones and then tomorrow I'll reveal a little more. Stay tuned.

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