Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Celebirty Connection-Six Feet Under

I don't really watch TV but in grade 12 I discovered Six Feet Under and was hooked. I watched every episode of the first season. Too bad that by the time Season 2 came to Canada on a channel that didn't require a subscription I was living in a TV-less university dorm. Over the years I have picked up all five seasons on DVD but have only started rewatching them now. I just got through the entirety of the first season again and will be moving on to the second soon. However, I noticed something about the artwork:

Is the cover art for The Black Dahlia just the cover art for Six Feet Under in disguise? You Decide.


  1. Interesting indeed! Need to watch that sometime

  2. Borrowed of course, but still inspired. Six Feet Under was a gem (write about that, please). Michael C. Hall was always such an excellent actor (love him on Dexter).

  3. Celtic- Watch it. It totally changed my perspective on life back then and hasn't aged at all in 2010.

    Andrew- He is so good indeed. I still have a hard time believing he isn't gay he got into the role of David so deeply. I think this man should be a movie star. I right now vote him to play The Riddler in the next Batman movie.

  4. Nah. Inspired. Homage, if you will. Which is weird, considering the former is a period piece.

  5. Mike, it's funny you say that Michael C. Hall should be a movie star, because I wrote a post on my blog, when Gamer came out, arguing that certain people are perfectly suited to television, and that doesn't mean they suck. Hall has now been absolutely indelible on two different TV shows ... and absolutely forgettable in at least one movie (Gamer). I guess it probably has something to do with seeming like either Dexter or David, and not being able to slip into the other character -- and with the fact that, well, Gamer was awful. But I don't fault Hall for seeming best suited to be "just" a TV star. There are few actors I'd rather watch.

    Oh, and I can't finish this comment without taking the opportunity to rip on The Black Dahlia. What an awful film.

  6. You are very right, he is perfectly suited for television, which, with so many highly praised shows on TV these days, I guess is just as good as a career in the movies but I'm still holding out hope becuse, as you said, Gamer was a pretty bad movie, while Hall, for the most part, gave it a little something more than it really needed.

    And yes, Black Dahlia was a pretty awful movie wasn't it? I do think it should have won the Oscar for best cinematography though.