Saturday, July 10, 2010

Celebrities Behaving Badly

So apparently Mel Gibson is taking career advice from Sean Penn and Christian Bale. We've read the stories about how he said racist things and verbally abused his ex squeeze Oksana Grigorieva but now we finally have the audio. It's strange that a man who rose to stardom because of his natural likability and boyish charm could be so cold and oppressive to this woman. On the plus side, I really like at the end when he says she can stay in the house. He's not giving it to her, but she can stay. At least he's being the bigger man in the situation.


  1. The unraveling of Mel Gibson has been a tough thing for me to swallow, personally. Years ago, before we knew any of this stuff about him, he was one of my favorites, shooting his first directorial effort (The Man Without a Face) partially on the campus of where I was attending college at the time. I even worked on the set briefly and shook his hand. He was very good at making everybody laugh, and everyone loved him.

    But man, there comes a certain point where he just can't be forgiven anymore -- a point where if you forgive him, you are endorsing what he's doing/saying. Logically, that point should have been reached with the anti-Semitism he displayed after his drunk driving arrest. But he made such an earnest effort to reach out and atone for his hate speech that I decided I could probably give him one more shot. Now, I just don't think so.

  2. Vance you are right, even at the Golden Globes he went along with Gervais' joke about him being a drunk and seemed to be a good spot.

    I think you are right about him as a human being but as long as he keeps making good movies I'll keep seeing them because I don't like to let the tabloids decide what I watch.

    It's too bad really, before all this he was still one of America's great movie stars and turning out to be a really great director was well.