Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Call To All Bloggers: Justify Your Shitty Taste

There's a metal magazine called Decibel which I've never read before but their content is always linked on a a popular metal blog called Metal Sucks that I read all of the time.

One of my favourite columns that Metal Sucks always links to is "Justify Your Shitty Taste" in which a reviewer picks an album out of a bands catalogue that is considered by the masses to be a huge embarrassment or misstep in their career and writes a piece justifying why it is that they actually like it.

So, in order to rip off a good idea when I see one, I'm putting out a call to all movie bloggers to justify their own shitty taste.

It's simple: sometime this week, pick a movie that you like that the vast majority of critics and fans have hated and tell us why you think you are right and why everyone should give this movie a second chance.

Then come back here, post the link in the comments section and at the end of the week I will gather all of the links and post them in one place for everyone to enjoy. Let's make this fun and give people a reason to go back and rethink movies that got to critical brush off the first time around.


  1. Pssst... Toronto Underground Theatre's Defending the Indefensible Series. Very much in the vein of this post - you should check it out!

  2. I guess I should check that out. I'll certainly be there next week for Kevin Smith.

  3. Nice idea - I'm hoping to participate. We'll see how the week shakes out.

  4. Funny. I was going to go with another one, but I found one that I'd already written. I'll publish it Friday.

  5. Here you go Mike:

  6. Here ya go, Mike:

    Sorry it's so late.