Sunday, May 16, 2010

Greatest Movies That Made Going to the Movies Suck #13- Goodfellas

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Alright so Travis at The Movie Encyclopedia was supposed to take care of this entry but he has yet to send it to me so there is no written part for this one. I guarantee this will not happen again for the remaining entries. I apologize and will post it if it ever makes its way to me.


  1. Slacker! ;-)

    (Travis, not you.)

    I'll be interested to see what his rationale is. I think Reservoir Dogs had a much greater influence on the crime genre than Goodfellas, even though Goodfellas is obviously the better film. Any crime movies that might have come out between Goodfellas' release (1990) and Reservoir Dogs' release (1992) can't be very consequential, can they?

  2. Sorry I got locked in Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci's trunk for a couple weeks (actually college finals) but the article will be in your inbox by either midnight tonight or very early tomorrow