Friday, June 21, 2013

Pre-Predicting Gold: Naomi Watts in Diana

Naomi Watts has been trying to get an Oscar since forever. And you have to admit, she's come a long way.

And as an actress, she's gone through a lot on her quest to the top:


But based on the trailer for Diana, unless the film throws a huge left turn to reveal that Diana was actually suffering from a debilitating heroin addiction and days away from death anyway when she was run off the road by paparazzi on the fateful eve of her passing, there's nothing to believe that it will be anything more than another generic biopic with a hyped performance to prop it up.

Then again, that didn't get in Meryl's way.

But considering that the film has no other discernible stars or director, no mention of the Prince Charles or The Queen side of Diana (if the cast list on IMDB is correct), and not a single fucking bar of Candle in the Wind in the trailer; Watts is going to either need to be flawless or it's going to need to be a pretty bad year for female performances to walk away with a win for this one.

But who knows, anything's possible right?


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