Thursday, January 14, 2010

Avatar Controversy

Let the backlash begin. Variety is reporting that Avatar, which opens tomorrow in Italy, has got Italian parent groups up in arms over the film's G rating. Unlike the U.S. Italy, like Canada, has no PG-13 rating, just under 14 not admitted or under 18 not admitted. The groups are crying out that the G rating doesn't protect their children from the intense war violence and smoking seen in the film.

Let's be real. Of all the things in the world to protest against, is kids being allowed to see Avatar really that big of a deal? There is nothing personally in the film that I would object to a child seeing, and I'd rather my kids (if I had them) seeing something with a positive message than most of the loud, empty-headed junk that passes for family films these days.

I understand when the Italians were upset when Mel Gibson's violence-ridden Apocalypto was released with a G rating in 2007 but as far as film-related backlashes go, this one is pretty weak.

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