Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Celebrities Behaving Badly: Quentin Tarantino

There's no news or editorializing here. I just wanted to express how much I love it when celebrities are caught behaving badly. I loved Christian Bale's freak out on the set of Terminator Salvation, I loved David O. Russell throwing a spazz at Lilly Tomlin on the set of I Heart Huckabees or headbutting George Clooney on the set of Three Kings and Bill O'Riley losing it while filming Inside Edition still makes me laugh out loud every time. However, there may be none more apologetic in their public displays of childish behaviour than Quentin Tarantino. From flipping off a booer at Cannes while accepting the Palm D'Or for Pulp Fiction, to insulting a reporter on TV who called Kill Bill senselessly violent and misogynistic, to spitting on someone on the Oscar red carpet in the 90s, Tarantino never seems to lose his class. Here is one of my favourite videos of him, slapping a paparazzi in a Starbucks parking lot. This officially cements Tarantino as the hippest Hollywood bad boy to beat. I know it's an oldy, but it's still a goody.

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