Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Celebrities Behaving Badly: Lindsay Lohan

So Lindsay Lohan is apparently a smarter member of the bottom-of-the-barrel club than Edward Furlong.

E! is reporting that the former Disney star turned threat to public safety has made a plea deal with regards to her car crash charges that date back to last June...or was that those shopping lifting charges? No wait, it must have been the cocaine charges? No, no it has to be for starting a brawl in a club in New York, right? Lohan herself doesn't even know what she's up for anymore.

So, instead of a whopping 90 days in jail, she'll be going to a horrible, miserable, depressing and disgusting rehab facility instead.

And so, thanks to the honesty and integrity of the L.A. judicial system Lohan will once again be able to avoid getting shanked in the shower by a group of raging Mexican bull dykes.

The E! article also included this hilarious tidbit, "She was also ordered not to drive with any measure of alcohol in her system, drive only with valid insurance and license, not to use narcotics, stay away from any place or people where narcotics are used and make restitution to victim in this case. A restitution hearing may be set to determine amount." Wishful thinking.

Well Lindsey, look on the bright side, you're Marilyn Monroe photoshoot from a couple years ago could have looked more like this

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