Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Reading

If you're anything like me you're weekend probably looks a little something like this:


And This:

Needless to say, there's not much time for reading and/or writing...

Therefore, every Monday, from this day forward will be a collection of links to the best posts that may have slipped through the cracks over the weekend but are still worthy or your time and admiration.

Black Sheep Reviews took a look at indie mad-man Harmony Korine's newest Spring Breakers and kind of went, meh? That however didn't stop it from lighting up the select market box-office over the weekend, grossing almost 300K.

PS- Ashley Benson, if you're reading this, call me: 416-627-7963

Bob over at Eternal Sunshine of the Logical Mind is doing his indie film civic duty with his love/support of Girl Walk // All Day. Haven't heard of it either? Go check it out!

CS at Big Thoughts From a Small Mind is pimping the Regent Park Film Festival, which is now accepting submissions. It's nice over there now...Really.

Norma Desmond of The Flick Chick takes a stab at figuring out David Lynch's masterpiece Mulholland Dr. Not an easy task. Head over there and let her know how she did.

Alex at Film Forager checks out little known 80s flick Rock n' Roll Nightmare and it looks pretty fucking  awesome if you ask me:

Jeremy at Moon in the Gutter reminds us that yes, Canadians make movies too with his look back at David Croneberg's early horror film Rabid

Chris at 1001: A Movie Odyssey keeps fighting the great movie fight with a look at two great Michael Powell (and don't forget Pressburger) flicks: Peeping Tom and Black Narcissus

Vancetastic over at the Audient gets a laugh out of the tag line for the new Kirsten Dunst/Jim Sturgess vehicle Upside Down


  1. Thanks for the linkage! Although Spring Breakers is getting mixed reviews, I am hoping it will at least be a pulpy good time.

  2. Great collection of links here, thanks for including my ROCK N ROLL NIGHTMARE review! It is a fun little film, I hope you dig it!